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Outstanding Buildings Award

The results for the “Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe” Label 2011 are already available.

The presentation ceremony for the awarded Buildings took place in Marseille, during the European Symposium “Building with earth From Cultural Heritage to Contemporary Architecture - Professionals, Know-how and Techniques in Europe”. The event was introduced by John Hurd, president of the ICOMOS – ISCEAH and presented by René Guerin, Architect of the CAUE of Vaucluse.

Please find the awarded buildings in the online digital catalogue: Outstanding Buildings Award (Download as pdf)


Best Label Preview



One of the main objectives of Terra Incognita project is to raise public awareness for earth architecture, its heritage and its current applications.

To this end, Terra Incognita's partners created a Label entitled "Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe".
The main goal of this label is to provide awareness to the general public for the existence of earthen buildings in Europe, but also to encourage its safeguard and the development of an earthen contemporary architecture.

Three categories will be distinguished in this label:
- category 1 : "Buildings with archaeological, historical or architectural interest"
- category 2 : "Buildings subjects of a remarkable and relevant intervention (restoration, rehabilitation or extension)"
- category 3 : "Buildings built after 1970"

The labels awarded will be presented to the public within the framework of a symposium which will be held in Marseille the 4th and 5th of May 2011.

So if your are the owner of an earthen building, old or new, or if you know possible candidates to this label, do not hesitate to fill in the application form or send it to whom could be interested.

The deadline for the submission of the candidatures is the 31st January 2010 (New extended deadline)
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"Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe" Label 2011 Application Form (EN)

"Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe" Label 2011 Building description form (EN)

"Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe" Label 2011 Regulation (EN)

Design: CIAD - ESGallaecia Design: CIAD - ESGallaecia