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On Wednesday, 4 and Thursday, May 5th, 2011
Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Hôtel de Région – 27 place Jules Guesde – Marseille (2e)




Building with earth
From Cultural Heritage to Contemporary Architecture
Professionals, Know-how and Techniques in Europe






It is organised by the Ecole d'Avignon (France), in partnership with the Escola Superior Gallaecia (Portugal), the University of Valencia (Spain), the University of Florence (Italy) and the Adviser in Architecture, Urban planning and environment (CAUE) of Vaucluse (France), in the framework of the European project Terra Incognita. Earthen architecture in Europe (Culture Programme 2007-2013), and by ICOMOS France, in the framework of its international technical conferences.

It receives the assistance of the Research Laboratory of Historical Monuments (LRMH) and the collaboration of the Confederation of artisans and small companies in the building trade (CAPEB).

The steering committee of this symposium was created within the workgroup "Trades people/Earth construction" of Icomos France.


The first day (May 4th) will be dedicated to the results of the Terra Incognita project: European cartography of the earthen architecture and identified European professionals involved in the field. It will be the occasion for these persons to testify of their reflection, their researches and their realizations in the field of earthen construction and earthen heritage preservation. Twelve countries of the European Union will be represented in a homogeneous way. They cover the Scandinavian territories, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the Mediterranean area.


The second day (May 5th) will be dedicated to the preservation of the earthen architectural heritage in France: techniques, innovative technologies, fields of research, know-how and professionals involved in the field. It will also show international initiatives which feed debates and reflections on the practices and the national approaches. It will be introduced by John Hurd, President of the International Scientific Committee "Earthen Architectural Heritage" of ICOMOS. It will gather nearly 20 French professionals concerned by the preservation of the earthen architectural heritage: from the researcher to the practitioner.


The third day (May 6th) will be dedicated to the launch of an European network of professionals and institutions involved in the earthen construction field; define the status, the objectives, the means, the missions (on registration, within the limits of the available places).



  • Wednesday, May 4th, late pm (6.00 – 7.30) : inaugural evening chaired by John Hurd, ISCEAH/ICOMOS
    • Presentation and delivery of the Label 2011 "Outstanding earthen architecture in Europe".
    • Presentation of the final publication of the project Terra Incognita.
    • Presentation of the didactic exhibition « TERRA EUROPA. Earthen architecture in the European Union ».
    • Presentation of the photographic exhibition « Terre en vues. Le regard d'un photographe sur l'architecture de terre » (Pierre Buch, photographer).
    • Reception/Cocktail.




Registration fees are supported by the organizers.

The contribution to costs of meal (60 € VAT included) is compulsory and will validate your registration to the symposium.

Deadline for registration: 22 April  2011


Programme of the symposium

Registration form

List of accommodations near the Hotel of Region

Access to the Hotel of the Region


We suggest you acquiring the publications which will be presented within the framework of the symposium by downloading the order form here


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This symposium is also supported by the French network AsTerre, a network of professionals and institutions grouped together in order to promote and develop the earthen construction in France.
AsTerre will organize its 3rd National Conference of earthen construction from March 31 to April 2, 2011, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (31, France).

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