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1.1 Key-people identified:

  • Ann-Marie Braxén-Frommer, Clay association
  • Jenni Reuter, Architect
  • Kasper Järnefelt, Architect
  • Kirsti Kovanen, ICOMOS
  • Markku Matila Architect
  • Seija Linnamäki, Conservator
  • Teuvo Ranki, Architect
  • Tiili Oy Seppälän, Produceur


1.2 Key-institutions identified:

  • Education and research: Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Research Unit for Nature-based Construction (LRT);
  • Education and research: Department of Monuments and Sites, National Board of Antiquities;
  • Associations: Rural Development Association Ravakka
  • Professional company: The Natural Building Company


1.3 Key-people contacted:

  • Ann-Marie Braxén-Frommer
  • Teuvo Ranki
  • Kasper Järnefelt
  • Kirsti Kovanen


1.4 Sites visited:

  • Raisio, built in 1997, the first clay building on a housing fair  (loadbearing construction with infill of clay-straw bricks, inside clayplastered,  outside limeplaster/ Verbretterung)
  • Mynämäki, Korvensuu clay stable, built in 1915 (for the walls leftover wood and sawdust from a nearby saw mill was used with the clay, quite poor condition)
  • Vehmaa, farm of Mrs Sinikka Riittiö   "Celebration in the woods/Juhlat metsässä"- course centre and sauna (both with loadbearing wood constructions, and clay-straw in slip forms,Leichtlehm, clay plaster)
  • Earth house built in the nineties, in Harviala.
  • Earth building in Pori;
  • Earth stable, in Janakkala
  • Hostel in Strömfors, Krouvinmäen majatalo;
  • Earth building in Humppila
  • Earth building in Janakkala Earth building in Kotka


1.5 Contributors to the cartography:

  • Ann-Marie Braxén-Frommer
  • Teuvo Ranki
Design: CIAD - ESGallaecia Design: CIAD - ESGallaecia