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1.1 Key-people identified:

  • Alexandru Nancu,
  • Ileana Mavrodin, architect
  • Raluca Munteanu, Arhiterra
  • Mariana Celac
  • Șerban Sturdza
  • Cătălin Berescu, architect, PhD, FRONTAL association
  • Paulina Popoiu, head of the National Village Museum


1.2 Key-institutions identified:



  • University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu in Bucharest (UAUIM)
  • Jassy University



  • Arhiterra – http://www.arhiterra.ro.



Har Foundation


Research institutes


1.3 Contributors to the cartography:

  • Cătălin Berescu


1.4 Notes:

  • The University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu in Bucharest (UAUIM) holds theoretical courses of construction and restoration that are also introducing students to basic knowledge about earth building techniques.
  • Archaeologists are also familiar to these techniques, a group of researchers from the Jassy University realised several years ago a reconstruction of a Neolithic house in the wattle and daub system.
  • Arhiterra – http://www.arhiterra.ro previously a workgroup of the Order of Romanian Architects, since 2010 an association. The group, lead by the adobe enthusiast Raluca Munteanu, organises regular meetings, workshops and introduced the works of prof. Gernot Minke to the Romanian public by publishing two of his books on earth construction techniques. Another recent publication is that of the German norms for earth construction buildings.
  • Har Foundation organised since 2006 workshops with artists and architects, then also involving students that resulted in a small settlement of three buildings at Dolosman Cape, works nominated at the Annual Architectural Exhibition of Bucharest and published in the catalogue LUT 2006/2010 (Adobe 2006/2010). http://har.ong.ro/
  • INCERC – The National Institute for Research in Constructions has at least one specialist interested in adobe and they should be the most qualified to do that sort of activity – no projects until now.
  • Uniunea Națională a Restauratorilor din România – The National Union of Restaurateurs http://www.uniunearestauratorilor.com/ (not specifically operating on earth architecture but technically able to deal with it (43 people and 76 companies, a closed organisation)
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